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Both Skim Kayaks and Miks Kayaks are house brands of Charger Composites. We have now decided to have all our kayaks under one brand name. We believe its just easier and less confusing. So Skim now has 3 kayak lines in there assortment: The Skim classic line: Dex, Differ, Distance, Dex MkII, Differ MkII and […]

We are very proud to inform you all that we have introduced a Low Volume version of the Skim Beaufort, the new Beaufort LV. She was introduced during Paddle Expo and enthusiastically welcomed by our dealers. Now lets hope she will be loved as much as her big sister. More info and specs of the […]

Kayaking Norway, in 2 Skim Beauforts. Alex Betsholtz and Johan Mikkelsen will be paddling the whole Norwegian coast this summer. They will start at the Russian border and stop at the Swedish border. They will both use a standard Skim Beaufort for this trip. The trip will be done under the Flag of Paddle for […]