Differ MkII

Identical to the original Differ but with a slightly higher front deck for more leg and foot space. The cockpit rim has more angle for easier entry and exiting of the kayak. A day hatch has been added in front of the cockpit rim as well for storage of small items like camera’s, telephone’s, snacks etc. The Differ MKII is a great kayak for paddlers that like more leg space and do not enjoy paddling with straight legs and still want the contact and feel the original Differ gives. The Differ MkII is like all our kayaks standard equipped with the Kajak-Sport skeg system. Available in 3 lay ups:

TR a solid high quality lay up
XR is as expected even more rigid and nearly bomb proof
CL Very stiff and ultra light weight

The Differ MkII is prepared for use with a rudder, yet the rudder is an option.



Model: Skim Differ MkII
Length: 535 cm
Width: 51,5 cm
Waterline: 485 cm (100kg displacement)
Hullshape: Shallow V, distinctive chines
Weight: TR 24 kilos, XR 23 kilos or CL 20,5 kilos Incl. hatches
Cockpit: (inner) 41.5×80 cm
Cockpit depth front (inner): 29 cm
Seat depth: 19 cm
Forward: 85 liters
Cockpit: 153 liters
Day hatch: 40 liters

Day hatch bow: 5.2 Liters
Aft: 60 liters
Total: 320 liters
Optimal paddler weight: 60-90 kilos
Material: TR Glass fiber/diolen/Polyester, XR Glass fiber/diolen/carbon/Kevlar/polyester, CL hull: vacuum infused carbon fiber sandwich/vinylester, Deck: vacuum infused carbon fiber sandwich/vinylester
Hatches: 44×26 cm
Dayhatch Rear: 20 cm
Dayhatch front: 16.5 cm

Manufactured in: Finland