A playful and nimble kayak for day and weekend trips where high seas and surfs are more than welcome. A boat for those who appreciate contact in leans, edges and manoeuvres. Low volume. Low profile. Tight cockpit. Its responsiveness in combination with good tracking also makes a suitable mid/long-range kayak for smaller paddlers. It has three watertight compartments and is standard equipped with the Kajak-Sport skeg system. Available in 3 lay ups:

TR a solid high quality lay up

XR is as expected even more rigid and nearly bomb proof

CL Very stiff and ultra light weight

The Dex is prepared for use with a rudder, yet the rudder is an option.

The Distance is prepared for use with a rudder, yet the rudder is an option.



Model: Skim Dex
Length: 495 cm
Width: 51 cm
Waterline: 460 cm(90 kg displacement)
Hullshape: Shallow V, distinctive chines
Weight: TR 23,5 kilos , XR 22.5 or CL 20 kilos Incl. hatches
Cockpit: Standard 41.5×50 cm, LC 41,5x80cm (inner)
Cockpit depth front (inner): 28.5 cm
Seat depth: 19 cm
Volume in Liters:
Forward: : 65 liters
Cockpit: 130 liters
Day hatch: 35 liters
Aft: 50 liters
Total:280 liters
Optimal paddler weight: 50-80 kilos
Material: TR: glass fiber/diolen/polyester, XR: glass fiber/diolen/carbon/Kevlar/polyester, CL: hull: vacuum infused carbon fiber sandwich/vinylester, deck: vacuum infused carbon fiber sandwich/vinylester
Hatches: 44×26 cm
Dayhatch: 20 cm
Manufactured in: Finland