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Artisan 5G



Optimal paddler weight

70-105 kg


Medium V, Light shines, Light rocker

Paddling Characteristics

Fast, good tracking, Medium to strong stability, Light to paddle

Lay-up options

CL – Carbon light, TR – Traditional, XR – Extra rigid

Color options

Red-Winered, White-Orange, White-Red, White-Winered, White-Yellow


555 cm


55 cm

Weight (Traditional)

25 kg

Weight (eXtra Rigid)

23,5 kg

Weight (Carbon Light)

22,5 kg

Total volume

379 l

Cockpit volume

152,8 l

Number of hatches


Hatch forward

104 l, 24 cm

Hatch aft

42×30 cm, 75 l

Day hatch bow

15 cm, 5,2 l

Day hatch aft

20 cm, 44 l

Extra rear hatch

15 cm

Great kayak for longer expeditions

The Artisan 5G is a kayak with a long and successful history, and it has become a Finnish legend Worldwide. The Artisan 5G is a true Scandinavian design with a fast and light fish form hull and deck construction. The hull has a gently sloping V which gives light paddling and predictable behavior in rough seas. It carries heavy loads easily and its easy loading is a benefit compared to most kayaks. The Artisan 5G is a great kayak for expeditions of one week or longer.

Designed for medium to large sized paddlers

The Artisan 5G is designed for medium and large sized paddlers with intermediate to advanced paddling skills. It is a easy to steer boat with body weight only and because of the retractable Kajak-Sport skeg system there is no issue with wind effects therefor the Artisan 5G is easy to control in various circumstances both with or without load.

The Artisan has gone through a evolution of years and the 5G is the 5th generation of this great design. We have used the Artisan Millennium as the base of this boat and improved and added several features. We increased the day hatch behind the seat in size, we added a day hatch in front of the cockpit rim, we redesigned the cockpit rim for more ergonomics, we installed the newest Kajak-Sport retractable skeg system, we added a compass recess, we lowered the hull slightly to make the kayak more slick, lower the center of gravity and create better rolling ergonomics, we made some minor changes to the hull to improve initial stability and we installed the new and innovative Kajak-Sport paddle float outrigger system.

Available in three lay-up options

Traditional lay up (TR) uses polyester/diolen and fiber glass.

Extra Rigid (XR) is made of vinylester/carbon/Kevlar/glass fiber and diolen.

Carbon light (CL) – hull of carbon fiber sandwich with diolen resin with a deck constructed in fiberglass and vinylester.

Traditional lay-up is like the classic Skim yet with more reinforcement and therefore more rigid. Extra rigid is as expected even more rigid and nearly bomb proof. 
Carbon light has the same rigidness as the XR, but is by far the most lightweight lay up of the three.

Handmade in Finland

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