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Distance MkII



Optimal paddler weight

70-100 kg


Light/medium V, Strong shines, Light rocker

Paddling Characteristics

Lightly playful, fast and good secondary stability

Lay-up options

CL – Carbon light, TR – Traditional, XR – Extra rigid

Color options

Red-Winered, White-Blue, White-Orange, White-Red, Yellow-Green


585 cm


52 cm

Weight (Traditional)

25 kg

Weight (eXtra Rigid)

24 kg

Weight (Carbon Light)

22 kg

Seat depth

20 cm

Cockpit depth front (inner)

33 cm

Total volume

385,2 l

Cockpit volume

165 l

Number of hatches


Hatch forward

105 l, 44×26 cm

Hatch aft

44×26 cm, 70 l

Day hatch bow

15 cm, 5,2 l

Day hatch aft

20 cm, 40 l

Perfect for long range kayaking

A long-range kayak for those who aren’t discouraged by a little blizzard. The boat’s length and profile give it a sufficient loading capacity in combination with seaworthiness and reliable tracking in hard wind and rough seas. Always with a great paddling experience and good speed.
The hull’s shape gives this long kayak exceptional maneuverability. And the keyhole ensures essential contact between paddler and boat and makes exits and entries in winter outfit easy.

Optimal for paddlers weight of 70-100 kg

Identical to the original Distance but with a slightly higher front deck for more leg and foot space. The cockpit rim has more angle for easier entry and exiting of the kayak. A day hatch has been added in front of the cockpit rim as well for storage of small items like camera’s, telephone’s, snacks etc.

The Distance MKII is an even better kayak for tall and/or heavier paddlers then the original Distance, and is like all our kayaks standard equipped with the Kajak-Sport skeg system.

Available in three lay-up options

Traditional lay up (TR) Polyester/Diolen and fiber glass,

Extra Rigid (XR) Vinylester/carbon/Kevlar/glass fiber and diolen

Carbon light (CL) hull of carbon fiber sandwich with diolen resin with a deck constructed in fiberglass and vinylester.

Traditional lay-up is like the classic Skim yet with more reinforcement and therefore more rigid. Extra rigid is as expected even more rigid and nearly bomb proof. 
Carbon light has the same rigidness as the XR, but is by far the most lightweight lay up of the three.

The Distance MkII is prepared for use with a rudder, yet the rudder is an option.

Handmade in Finland

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