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Optimal paddler weight

70-105 kg


Nearly flat, Strong shines, Strong rocker

Paddling Characteristics

Extremely playful and stable

Lay-up options

CL – Carbon light, RH – Rockhopper, TR – Traditional

Color options

Red-Winered, White-Blue, White-Orange, White-Red, Yellow-Green


503 cm


53,1 cm

Weight (Traditional)

24,5 kg

Weight (Rock Hopper)

24 kg

Weight (Carbon Light)

20,5 kg

Seat depth

20 cm

Cockpit depth front (inner)

31,5 cm

Total volume

324 l

Cockpit volume

146 l

Number of hatches


Hatch forward

24 cm, 88 l

Hatch aft

24 cm, 54 l

Day hatch bow

15 cm, 5,2 l

Day hatch aft

20 cm, 30,8 l

Fast, maneuverable and great in rough waters

The Braveheart sea kayak is fast and maneuverable. Great for playing in rough water yet carving turns are comfortable; the Braveheart has storage space for longer trips. If you are a paddler aiming to improve your skills and like to face challenging conditions, the Braveheart with its stability and amazing fast turning will be the kayak of your dreams.

20 years of experience in kayak building and knowledge of the newest composite technology’s enabled the Skim design team to come up with a design that is unmatched at this stage. The design of the Braveheart is done with the help of 3D design tools, our plugs are made using a 3D milling machine, and the finishing is done by experienced craftsman. The deck design of the Braveheart is done with rigidness in mind; kayak designers often neglect deck design. The shape of the deck enables us to construct the deck lighter and stiffer, bringing the center of gravity of the kayak down which enhances the Bravehearts stability. The result of our approach is a very stable, fast turning, good volume yet fast and efficient kayak, that is seaworthy and top in rough water handling. The Braveheart is standard equipped with the Kajak-Sport skeg system.

Available in three lay-up options

Traditional lay up (TR) uses polyester/diolen and fiber glass.

Rock Hopper (RH) – hull is vacuum infused Kevlar, directional glass and Carbon sandwich/vinylester. Deck is made of Kevlar reinforced glass/vinylester.

Carbon light (CL) – hull of carbon fiber sandwich with diolen resin with a deck constructed in fiberglass and vinylester.

Handmade in Finland

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