Skim History

The past

In 2002 two Swedish paddlers decided, after not finding the kayaks they wanted to paddle to start designing and producing two kayaks that they thought where missing from the market. Skim Kayaks was founded, and in 2003 the first Skim Distance and Skim Dex were out on the water. Skim kayaks were produced in Finland by Charger Composites. The different design, eye for detail and exquisite quality and finish of the Skim kayaks gave Skim a great reputation and the kayaks where within a short time known all around the World. In the fall of 2007 a new kayak in the Skim Family, the Skim Differ was introduced. After 7 years of producing Skim kayaks as subcontractor, Charger Composites sat down with Göran Pehrson and Anders Nyström, the founders of Skim kayaks. During this meeting it was decided that Charger Composites would purchase Skim Kayaks and from the May 2010 Skim Kayaks was ran by Charger Composites.

We believed that after over 20 years experience in kayak building it was time to use this experience for our own brand and it felt natural to do this by continuing with Skim Kayaks a kayak brand that we have helped to build up and has been with us from the day it started. The new company structure of Skim enabled us to put a lot more time and effort in product development. We introduce several new models and updated the existing models and we developed a complete range of high end composite kayaks. The last years Charger has done excessive technical development in production techniques, it has been exiting to now use these developments for our own kayak brand. In order to develop our kayaks to the max we use the feedback we get from our paddlers as much as we can, we believe that those who paddle our kayaks are our most important consultants and they will continue to be an important part of our development program.

The present

In 2015 Charger Composites became Charger Technology. In Charger Technology we focus on increasing the Technological composite know how and base all of our concepts on new thinking and technologically advanced and green production processes. In the near future you will also see those developments back in your kayaks.

The future

We work hard on reducing our carbon footprint by continuously improving our production processes and logistic solutions, Skim cares about the beautiful planet we live on and we will continue to do our part to keep Earth a great place to live. We will introduce a line of Skim apparel where we will introduce both fashionable and paddle practical clothing and other textile paddling related accessories. Our marketing will go to a 90% digital marketing where we use paper to a minimum. And like always we will continue to work on improving the quality and finish of our kayaks and make sure you get the paddle experience of a lifetime.